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Having a hard time this holiday season? You’re not alone.

  Ruth Williams

Many of us complain about how quickly the holiday decorations go up in the stores nowadays. It seems as if some stores don’t even wait for Halloween to signal the beginning of the season. Each year, I am surprised at how quickly the end of the year “slides” by and we’re somehow instantly greeting the new year.

It’s not so quick for some.

When you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, and this is your first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, etc. (or for that matter it may even be the second or third) without that precious loved one physically there with you to celebrate, it may be the slowest, most difficult time of the year to endure. Yes, I said “endure.”

It’s hard to see others with their smiles and laughter when all you can think about is who is missing in your life.

Others who love you may wonder what to say, or may quietly wish you’d just “get over it.” They don’t get it, do they? They don’t understand that there is no perfect timeline, no magic answer, no “right” way to grieve.

The holidays just seem to put an exclamation point after “She’s gone and I miss her terribly!”

Alive Hospice’s Grief During the Holidays seminars are one way to get some helpful tips to get through these next days. And our winter support groups are another way in which to give yourself some welcome support during a challenging time. Sadly, at times, even those most close to us don’t have the words to comfort us or the understanding to help get us through another day, week, or month.

Every day can be tough, dealing with the loss of a loved one. Add the season of celebration and it simply may be “too much.” Please allow us to reach out and take your hand and accompany you on this journey. We can’t make it go away, but we might be able to help.

Lean on us!

  • RSVP for our holiday grief seminars here.
  • Get more information about our winter support groups here.
  • Call us at 615-963-4732 for information about individual grief counseling and other services offered by Alive Grief Support.


Ruth Williams is a counselor with Alive Grief Support, the bereavement support program of Alive Hospice. To reach Alive Grief Support Services, call 615-963-4732 or click here.

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